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Cecilia Fiona featured in The New York Times

Art critic Martha Schwendener writes in her review of Independent Art Fair in New York City 2023: 

“Finally, at the London and Basel gallery Vitrine (Booth A. 1), the Danish artist Cecilia Fiona’s painted marks spill out from the canvas onto a folding screen, and even costumes she has created for a performance on Saturday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Here, the artist and a cohort will perform in the booth, wearing the hand-painted costumes and masks inspired by her recently deceased grandmother, who came to Fiona in a dream, as a bird. Call it painting, ritual or séance, there’s something poignant about this in an art fair in TriBeCa, where performance art used to be quotidian, rather than the exception.”

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‘Creatures of silence’  performed during the opening of ‘Follow the flowers’ at Andersen’s Contemporary, Copenhagen, DK. Video edited by Sara Brunberg.

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Annka Kultys
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